The Human Akash

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Monika Muranyi

The Human Akash, A discovery of the blueprint within

This book is dedicated to you, dear reader, as the New Human awakening on the New Earth.
Together we are planting the seeds of peace.

This book is the second in the Kryon trilogy series that features a compilation of subject-driven information from Kryon’s channelled messages given by Lee Carroll. Many lives have been deeply enhanced and transformed as a result of Lee’s partnership with Kryon. Thank you, Lee for saying yes to Kryon twenty-four years ago and for making it your life purpose to share these profound messages with the world. Other beautiful souls have contributed to this book and enriched my life in numerous ways. Thank you, Kahuna Kalei’iliahi [Kalei]. Kalei carries with her the Hawaiian and Lemurian lineage. Her communication with the Ancients and her wisdom and knowledge as a Hawaiian High Priestess is a gift for us all. Previously this knowledge was sequestered and held by male Kahunas. In this new energy we have for the first time a female who is sharing these ancient ways with non-indigenous people. I hope you enjoy reading the channelled messages from Kalei. Dr. Amber Wolf kindly Anderson. Your loving messages from the whales and dolphins continue to inspire all who read them. At the eleventh hour synchronicity (via an email) introduced me to a brilliant editor who offered to edit my manuscript. Thank you, Lourana Howard for editing this book and for your continual support of the Kryon work. I would also like to thank my publishers, Ariane Editions. I am blessed to be represented by a company with a high level of consciousness and a desire to help accelerate the great shift that is occurring on the planet. Finally, dear reader, I’d like to thank you. As your eyes travel across this page I invite you to feel the energetic hug I have for you — a hug that also comes from the Kryon entourage and family!



Chapter One, The Human Akash

Chapter Two, Your Personal Akashic Record
      Understanding What a “Past Life” Really Means
      The Cave of Creation
      The Crystalline Grid
      Whales and Dolphins

Chapter Three, Akashic Inheritance
      Heredity and Birth
      Karma and Life Lessons

Chapter Four, Ancient Akashic Wisdom

Chapter Five, “Mining” the Akash

Chapter Six, The Time Capsules of the Akash

Chapter Seven, The Three Parts of the Human
      Human Consciousness
I      nnate

Chapter Eight, DNA — It’s More Than You Think

Chapter Nine, Past Life Healing

Chapter Ten, Akashic Communication

In closing
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